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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are first-year students placed in a housing assignment?
A: Incoming first-year housing placements are made by the discretion of the professional staff. Pairings are made based primarily on the survey responses that are indicated on the housing application.

Q. Can I sign up for a single room?
A. It is possible to sign up for a single room; however, single rooms are prioritized for non-first year students. There is a single room surcharge for each semester you live in a single. Single room surcharges vary depending on where the room is located.

Q. Why didn’t I get the roommate I requested?
A. Residence Life does provide the opportunity for students to have roommates who they have acquaintances with. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored. However, we will try to accommodate the requests to the best of our ability.

Q. Do I need property insurance?
A: The College does not insure the personal belongings of students in the residence halls. It is highly recommended that you check to see if you are covered by your parents' homeowners insurance or purchase a renter's policy yourself.

Q. What is the size of each room?
A: The following measurements are approximate: Kaul - 12' 5" x15' 7", Connelly/Heffernan/Mayfield: Room sizes vary widely. Note: Connelly Hall is carpeted. All other residence halls are not; students are welcome to bring carpeting if they so choose.

Q. Is there storage space available?
A. Personal storage is not offered.

Q. Are there laundry machines available for student use?
A: Washers and dryers are located in laundry rooms in the residence halls. 

Q. Are first-year students allowed to have cars on campus?
A: Yes, all students are allowed to have cars on campus. All cars need to be registered with Public Safety.

Q. Do the residence halls remain open during vacation periods?
A: The residence halls only remain open for those students who are partaking in athletics, those who need to stay for an academic reason, and other extenuating circumstances. If you wish to apply for extended housing, ask the reslife staff for the appropriate form. All requests will be reviewed but not guaranteed.

Q. Are students guaranteed housing all four years?
A: Students are not guaranteed housing for all four years.

Q. What are my dining options?
A: Each resident student is given a standard meal plan of 14 meals and $100 flex dollars, which can be used in the Raven’s Nest located in Cardinal Hall off the main dining area. Students may change their meal plan at the beginning of the fall semester to either add or subtract the amount of meals allotted each week.

Q. If common area damages occur in the residence halls, do all students pay?
A: Yes. All students will be held accountable for the actions that take place in their community. There is a grace period of two weeks for students to notify the Residence Life staff of any information pertaining to the damage to prevent all students from paying.

Q. Are the residence halls air-conditioned?
A: The only residence halls that are air conditioned are Connelly and Mayfield. If you have a medical need for an air conditioner, follow the proper procedure to apply for an air conditioner approval. The College does not supply air conditioners; anyone approved will need to provide their own AC.