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Undecided Major

Undecided Major at Rosemont CollegeNot quite sure what you want to major in yet? That's OK—the Rosemont College experience is all about exploration! 

You don’t have to know exactly what you want to study when you enroll at Rosemont—in fact, many students don’t! Enrolling undecided means you have limitless potential and possibilities. As an undecided student you’ll be supported in exploring how your interests map to different areas of study, so you can find the major that is right for you!  

Whether you declare your major early on or wait to try out a few paths, the Rosemont experience is structured to allow you to continually explore options and opportunities—after all the whole point of college is to support you in increasing your knowledge and experiences. 

If you want to do work you love in the future, but aren’t sure what that is yet, you should explore your options first. Maybe you’ll end up deciding on one of Rosemont’s 25+ majors, or maybe you’ll end up creating your own by combining areas of study. No matter what, you will be supported in enjoying the process of exploring. 

As an undecided student at Rosemont, you will: 

  • Start your first semester taking classes that are required in every major at Rosemont—so you will not fall behind as you explore. This includes taking a freshman seminar, which is structured to support you in exploring your options. 
  • Be assigned an Advisor that is experienced and passionate about helping students like you explore how your interests and passions map to an area of study.  
  • Receive course selection guidance from your First Year Connection Seminar instructor. 
  • Receive support from our Career Services team who will guide you in considering the career options for different areas of study. They’ll also guide you in your experiential learning opportunities which are designed to help bring classroom learning to life through real-world experience. It’s never too early to think about how your Rosemont education will prepare you for success after graduation. 

While these things are designed to help you discover where you want to go, and how to get there, every student's journey is different. That is why you will also need to be proactive and seek guidance from faculty, staff, coaches, or other students. The Rosemont community is small and committed to you, and every student. 

Ready to start your exploration? 

Click here to apply, and select ‘Undecided’ as your Anticipated Major.  

Still have questions?  

Contact our Admission team and one of our dedicated counselors will support you as you consider if joining Rosemont as an Undecided student is right for you. Text or call at 610-595-5926 or email