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Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Criminology at Rosemont CollegeDo you aspire to be a force for positive change in your community? Rosemont’s Bachelor of Science in Criminology prepares you to make a real difference in fields including criminal justice, corrections, law, social work, forensic and private investigations, prison case management, victims’ services, and many other careers.  

As a Criminology major, you’ll learn the origins and forms of crime, explore its causes and consequences, and gain a deep understanding of the social institutions and processes that influence both violent and nonviolent criminal behaviors. You will also study the impact of inequality in the criminal justice system and the history of mass incarceration in the United States, all while developing expert research and analytic skills. 

Why Study Criminology at Rosemont? 

Rosemont’s intentionally small class size allows our students to make deep connections to their peers and professors, helping you find your unique voice and expanding your professional opportunities. Our intimate academic environment means that you’ll be an active participant in your learning: contributing to discussions, engaging with different viewpoints, and thinking critically about your own.    

We realize that figuring out your calling is a process, so Criminology faculty serve as mentors, truly getting to know each student’s talents and ambitions. From discussing the best classes for your goals to introducing you to career paths you may not have known existed, professors and advisors support you through every step of your academic journey.    

Outside the classroom, Rosemont’s location in suburban Philadelphia is a fantastic resource for hands-on learning and professional development. With easy access to government agencies, police departments, juvenile detention and treatment facilities, probation and parole offices, law firms, and corrections facilities, opportunities for jobs and internships abound.   

Coursework Examples 

As part of the Sociology department, the Criminology program’s coursework includes a selection of Sociology classes that complement the curriculum. 

  • SOC 0110: Social Problems 
  • SOC 0320: Victimology 
  • SOC 0420: Sociology of Stress and Crisis Prevention
  • SOC 0390: Sociology of Substance Abuse
  • PSC 0261: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties  

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Look Forward to a Successful Future 

A degree in criminology provides a strong foundation for success in a variety of careers in which you can make a tangible impact on the lives of individuals, communities, and even society at large. Jobs for graduates with a BA in Criminology include: 

  • Corrections
  • Social work
  • Community relations
  • Law
  • Public administration
  • Forensic psychology 
  • Forensic and private investigations
  • Victim, youth, and family services
  • Probation and parole 

From Our Students

Gabby Godwin

"Rosemont College has provided me with an abundance of opportunities that I would not have found anywhere else. I've been able to take the information from my courses and apply it to the real world. The hands-on experience has been critical in helping me find my path. Between my internship at the Montgomery County Coroner's Office and the classes I've taken during my tenure at Rosemont, I believe that I'm well equipped for what lies ahead!"
- Gabby Godwin '22

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