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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Earn your BA in Psychology at Rosemont College

Shape Your World by Bringing Wellbeing to Others 

The human mind is incredibly complex. It’s no surprise, then, that those who have a deep understanding of how it works can find success in nearly any career. Rosemont’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology provides a comprehensive exploration of this broad, fascinating field, with coursework that prompts you to learn, evaluate, and integrate current perspectives on how people think, feel, and act.  

Whether you’re passionate about helping others and want to discover how majoring in psychology can help you do just that, or you already have interest in a specific area, our wide-ranging curriculum provides an overview of the field before allowing students to dive into specialized topics through advanced classes, seminars, and internships. You may choose to explore developmental or social psychology, counseling, educational or abnormal psychology, and many other areas. 

Why Study Psychology at Rosemont? 

Supportive Community, Knowledgeable Faculty: Rosemont’s intentionally small class size allows our students to make deep connections to their your peers and professors, helping you find your unique voice and expanding your worldview. Our intimate academic environment means that you’ll be an active participant in your learning: contributing to discussions, engaging with different viewpoints, and thinking critically about your own.   

We realize that figuring out your calling is a process, so Psychology faculty serve as mentors, truly getting to know each student’s talents and ambitions. From discussing the best coursework for your goals to introducing you to career paths you may not have known existed, professors and advisors support you through every step of your academic journey 

Dual Degree Program: Psychology majors who are driven to be a mental health or school counselor can begin their career sooner by enrolling in our dual degree program, in which students obtain a BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling in just six years—saving time and money in the process. Students with a 3.3 GPA or higher may apply prior to their junior year at Rosemont. If accepted, you’ll complete one graduate course per semester, earning 12 credits toward your master’s degree by the time you graduate with your bachelor’s.  

Coursework Examples 

  • PSY 0260: Psychological Inquiry and Writing 
  • PSY 0300: Personal Growth and Adjustment
  • PSY 0326: Research Methods
  • PSY 0330: Adolescent Psychology 
  • PSY 0405: Women and Psychology

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Look Forward to a Successful Future 

Our program prepares students for a variety of career paths. In addition to pursuing graduate and doctoral-level studies, graduates with a BA in Psychology find success in jobs including: 

  • Psychiatric technician 
  • Case manager 
  • Behavior specialist 
  • Research assistant
  • Career counselor 
  • Group facilitator 
  • Rehabilitation specialist 

Outside the field, the breadth and depth of insight you’ll gain into how the mind works provides you with a competitive advantage in nearly every profession, such as business (marketing, management, human resources), criminal justice, law, healthcare, social work, education, public relations, communications, UX design, and more. 

Psychology Program Director

Steve Alessandri, PhD
Psychology, Associate Professor
610-527-0200 x2320 

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