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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Classroom with undergraduate students receive a lecture by a professor.

Become a Civil Leader

Do you want to be the change you wish to see in the world? A Political Science degree from Rosemont can prepare you for a career in policy, politics, or in the nonprofit sector. Rosemont will help you build the knowledge and structure you need to become a socially conscious change agent and a more civically engaged citizen. 

You’ll take an inter-disciplinary set of classes including history, economics, and politics that will help round out your understanding of political and social systems. And like all Rosemont students, you’ll learn valuable communication and presentation skills. Taken together, you’ll be ready to work on any campaign or movement that you’re passionate about. 

Get Two Degrees in Five Years 

Political Science majors at Rosemont can begin taking graduate-level courses in Homeland Security and Emergency Management as early as your junior year, allowing you to finish a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just five years. This 4+1 degree program saves you both time and money while preparing you to enter the workforce at a more advanced level. Students who want to pursue this option should use the standard undergraduate application process. If you meet the program requirements, you can apply using the form found on iWay in advance of your junior year. 

Get Ready for Law School with Political Science 

While law schools do not require any particular major, studying Political Science at the undergraduate level is a natural choice because of the discipline's close link to our legal system. Naturally, many Political Science students have an interest in pursuing a career in the law. 

The Political Science department offers a Pre-Law minor for any student who intends to pursue a career in law. If this is your planned educational path, you're encouraged to ascertain the entrance requirements of the law school(s) you want to attend, and to seek out a Pre-Law faculty advisor early on to ensure you take the classes you need. 

Why Study Political Science at Rosemont? 

At Rosemont we believe that no matter what discipline you study, the ability to communicate effectively and solve problems are cornerstones of success. That’s why Political Science majors take classes across multiple disciplines- to learn to approach complex situations from multiple angles. Rosemont prepares all our students to build a career based on sound leadership, ethical decision-making, and communication that combine with strong skills in your field of study. 

Outside the classroom, Rosemont’s location in suburban Philadelphia is a fantastic resource for hands-on learning and professional development. With easy access to federal agencies, statewide political offices, law offices, and nonprofits, opportunities for jobs and internships abound. 

Coursework Examples 

In addition to Political Science courses, you’ll be exposed to classes in American Politics, Comparative Politics, Economics, and additional required supporting classes of your choice in addition to your general education requirements. All Political Science majors also perform an internship to put your classroom learning into action. 

  • PSC 0350: Research in Political Science 
  • PSC 0261: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 
  • PSC 0275: The American Presidency 
  • PSC 0190: Intro to International Relations 
  • PSC 0288: Model UN 

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Look Forward to a Successful Future 

As a Political Science major, you’ll take a well-rounded curriculum that will prepare you for a wide range of careers in the US or internationally. Jobs for graduates with a BA in Political Science include:  

  • Government (international, federal, state, and local levels) 
  • Journalism 
  • Public service
  • Law enforcement
  • Campaigns and elections
  • Public relations and advocacy
  • Education
  • Lobbyist
  • Lawyer
  • Diplomat or foreign service officer 


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