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Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Math at Rosemont College.Distinguish Yourself with a Degree in Mathematics 

Math majors at Rosemont learn far more than the necessary equations and functions. We use an inquiry-based learning approach to mathematics, which engages you in posing questions and bringing real-life experiences to solving problems. This process teaches you “how to think" instead of “what to think," preparing you for any challenge. 

With a degree in Mathematics, you’ll learn to accurately explain information presented in mathematical form and make appropriate inferences based on that information. You will use the quantitative analysis of data as the basis for deep and thoughtful judgments, drawing insightful, carefully qualified conclusions from this work. 

Want to be a math teacher? If you are considering a career in math education, Rosemont will get you ready for teacher certification for grades 7-12. In addition to your required classes for your degree, you will take a specific set of Education courses that are designed to prepare to take the teacher certification exam. If you choose this path, advisors from each discipline will work together to support you and ensure you’re meeting all the criteria to become a certified math teacher. View course requirements.

 Why Study Mathematics at Rosemont? 

At Rosemont, we believe that no matter what discipline you study, the ability to communicate effectively and solve problems are cornerstones of success. That’s why you’ll have learning experiences focused on not only advanced math concepts, but also courses that will teach you how to effectively communicate mathematical reasoning, readying you for success in any profession. Rosemont prepares all its students to build a career based on sound leadership, ethics, and communication that combine with strong skills in your field of study. 

Plus, Rosemont’s intentionally small class size allows our students to make deep connections to their peers and professors, helping you find your unique voice and expanding your professional opportunities. Our intimate academic environment means that you’ll be an active participant in your learning: contributing to discussions, engaging with different viewpoints, and thinking critically about your own.    

We realize that figuring out your calling is a process, so Mathematics faculty serve as mentors, truly getting to know each student’s talents and ambitions. From discussing the best classes for your goals to introducing you to career paths you may not have known existed, professors and advisors support you through every step of your academic journey.    

Math Resource Center 

You can use your understanding of math concepts and your problem-solving skills at our new Math Resource Center. By becoming a tutor at the Math Resource Center, you can help other Rosemont students gain better understanding of math concepts. Maybe you’ll even inspire someone to overcome their mathphobia! 

Coursework Examples 

Math majors take both required and supporting classes in their major, additional required supporting classes, math-related courses in other disciplines, and general education requirements.  

  • MAT 0120: Calculus I 
  • MAT 0200: Number Theory  
  • MAT 0203: Linear Algebra 
  • MAT 0310: Differential Equations 
  • MAT 0362: Abstract Algebra  
  • PHI 0230: Logic 

view degree requirements

Look Forward to a Successful Future 

A degree in Math can take you anywhere. Rosemont’s approach of inquiry-based learning will prepare you to use your analytic skills in careers as diverse as finance, government, education, and research- wherever your passion for numbers leads you! Jobs for graduates with a BA in Mathematics include: 

  • Accountant 
  • Data analyst 
  • Economist
  • Electrical engineer 
  • Investment analyst
  • Math teacher
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Research analyst
  • Tax consultant 

Program Director

Dennis Perkinson
Mathematics, Assistant Professor
610.527.0200 x3116

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