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Education Certification Programs

If you aspire to teach a specific subject, such as English, social studies, science, or art, you must plan to major in that area of study and complete a pre-determined selection of Education courses that will prepare you for certification. For instance, an aspiring social studies teacher would major in History.

Once you are enrolled at Rosemont, you should arrange your course schedule with your major advisor and the Director of Education, who serves as a second advisor, to ensure that all required coursework is completed prior to student teaching.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 credits to graduate. Requirements for individual majors will vary, so consult the requirements for your major in our academic catalog.

Program Grades
Biology 7-12
Chemistry 7-12
English 7-12
History/Social Studies 7-12
Mathematics 7-12
Art PK-12
Spanish PK-12

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