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Business Programs

Business programs at Rosemont CollegeA Business degree from Rosemont college can prepare you for a range of exciting careers--everything from marketing to sports management to finance. Rosemont offers undergraduate degrees in six different fields:  

As our economy grows increasingly digitized and global, businesses are becoming more complex and need ethically grounded decision-making that cuts across boundaries and countries. You must be able to integrate knowledge, judgment, and strategic planning skills to be successful. That’s why Rosemont focuses not just on core subjects such as finance or marketing, but really digs into how to develop strategies and work with employees in a way that benefits the company, its partners, employees, and society. Business majors at Rosemont practice applications of ethics, social responsibility, and technological tools in business that will prepare you to lead. 

Why Study Business at Rosemont? 

Rosemont Business majors get an interdisciplinary education in modern business strategies and approaches, preparing them for a wide range of career options. Woven throughout all the business programs is a strong focus on ethical leadership, decision-making, and social responsibility that gives students much more than an understanding of how business operates; it also gives you a roadmap of how to make a positive impact in the business world. 

Rosemont Business students all participate in experiential learning opportunities which can include an internship or time studying abroad, designed help you apply classwork to real-world opportunities and broaden your perspective. You will also take the Senior Seminar, a capstone experience meant to give each student the chance to apply the skills and knowledge that you’ve developed over the course of your education to a project that demonstrates your understanding of the coursework. 

Dual Degrees: Get Two Degrees in Five Years 

At Rosemont, all Business majors are eligible to apply for a dual degree program. This allows you to achieve both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in as little as five years. Once you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree, you can earn a Master of Business Administration from Rosemont with one of five concentrations: 

The 4+1 degree program provides an accelerated timeline that saves you both time and money while preparing you to enter the workforce at a more advanced level.  

If you are interested in pursuing a 4+1 degree program, please use the standard undergraduate application process. Then, if you meet the following requirements, you can apply for this program using the form found on iWay in advance of your junior year. 

Academic Requirements to apply to enter the program as a junior: 

  • Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 for their first three semesters at Rosemont College with no grades lower than C. There are no exceptions to this GPA requirement. 
  • Students may not have any unresolved grades, such as T (Temporary) grades or I (Incomplete) grades at the time the application is submitted. 
  • Advanced placement credits and transfer credits must appear on the student’s transcript before the application is submitted. 
  • To apply, students must submit a Dual Degree Application Form, resume, copies of all college transcripts, letter or reference from a Rosemont faculty member, and a one-page statement of purpose explaining their interest in this program. 

Once admitted to the dual degree graduate program, the undergraduate student may take up to one graduate class per semester during their junior and senior years.  

In addition, Rosemont  maintains an academic partnership with Neumann University. Business students who meet the specified admissions requirements are guaranteed spots in its Master of Science in Sport Management program.  

Clubs for Business Majors 

You can deepen your connections with your fellow Business students, teachers and alums by joining the Business Networking Society. Networking is a vital skill in business that you can practice now to build relationships that will help you gain skills and knowledge and job prospects in the future. 

The Alliance of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) also has an active chapter on campus that offers professional development and career-building opportunities. ALPFA is dedicated to creating opportunities to connect and inspire the next generation of Latino leaders. 

Your Future in Business 

Whether you want to create your own start-up or join a Fortune 500 company, Rosemont's Business programs will give you the skills you need to become a business success, including critical thinking, analysis, and leadership, enriched and supported by a mind-broadening liberal arts framework. Careers in business are nearly limitless and are influenced by your area of study. To see careers by concentration, visit the pages for all our business majors to see what path could be in store for you. 


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