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Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Earn a BS in Accounting at Rosemont College

Accounting is a cornerstone of any business, and so accounting professionals are always in high demand. If you are detail-oriented, have a solid math foundation, and like to solve problems, accounting could be an excellent path for you. Your Rosemont degree will prepare you with classes that are steeped in real-world business issues and experiences that will prepare you to launch a successful career. The major prepares students to have insight into the language, theory, and principles of accounting for careers in the private sector, governmental, not-for-profit, and public accounting. 

To round out your educational experience, all accounting students will have the opportunity to either study abroad or complete an internship to put your classroom experience to work in the real world and prepare you to enter the workplace. 

Rosemont will also prepare you to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam or other professional certification to ready you for professional life. All Accounting majors at Rosemont take the classes required for the Certified Public Accounting Examination in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Your advisor will help you be sure you get the classes you need for this or any other professional certification. 

Coursework Examples 

Accounting majors are required to take core classes in the major in addition to a set of core business courses and general education requirements.  

  • ACC 0210: Intermediate Accounting I 
  • ACC 0350: Auditing 
  • ACC 0410: Federal Income Taxes 
  • PHI 0270: Business Ethics 
  • BUS 0305: Introduction to Finance 

Why Study Accounting at Rosemont?

In addition to your core business classes, as a Rosemont student you’ll also get a strong foundation in ethical decision-making and collaborative leadership that will set you apart and prepare you to make a positive impact in any career. Rosemont prepares all its students to build a career based on sound leadership combined with strong skills in your field of study. 

Rosemont believes in combining hands-on experience with coursework in your field will deepen your understanding of the content and best prepare you for the job market. All business students have the ability to pursue an internship or study abroad program for this reason. You will also take the Senior Seminar course senior year, which is another opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to a hands-on project. 

Look Forward to a Successful Future 

Your Rosemont degree in Accounting will prepare you for a wide range of jobs in a vibrant field.  Your classes will include work that will prepare you to take the Certified Public Accountant exam in the state of Pennsylvania. 

  • Financial manager 
  • Financial analyst 
  • Financial examiner 
  • Budget analyst
  • Forensic accounting
  • Auditor
  • Accounts receivable 
  • CPA
  • Controller
  • Tax accountant
  • Payroll specialist 

From Our Alumni

Carlos Aguilo

"I consider my Rosemont experience to be one great learning adventure. As I look back at my years at Rosemont, I can clearly see how I grew year to year due to my involvement on campus, and the support of the faculty and staff. There is value in learning in a supporting environment where everyone is rooting for you. I now have an MBA degree, and I'm a CPA working as an assurance associate in Washington DC." - Carlos Aguilo

Brandon Jones

"I have recently graduated and just landed a job with a big-four accounting firm. The most powerful lesson I learned at Rosemont is that when a community invests in your success, you have the responsibility to give it your all. Over the course of my undergraduate career, I have worked diligently to develop skills to be successful. I am currently pursuing my CPA licensure in Pennsylvania." - Brandon Jones


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