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Approving Course Registrations

Each semester during preregistration and add/drop, advisers must approve the additions to student's schedules on the iWay before the change is considered official.

How to Approval Advisees Courses

  1. Log into the iWay and Click on UC Faculty (top tab) and then Advisee Roster (on the left).

  2. Select an Advisee and then on “Advanced Course Search” under Registration (see below)

    approval process step 1
  3. Next to each course you are approving, click the check box for "approve" and then "Advisor Approval" to approve the course(s).
    approval process step 2

  4. Repeat for each advisee.


If you have trouble accessing the iWay, contact the Help Desk at
You can reset your password, by clicking on "Forgot my password" on the top right.