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Three-Year Degrees

Rosemont College’s three-year bachelor’s degree is a unique opportunity for highly motivated and academically prepared students who are focused on a specific major. Faculty advisors customize a degree plan to include any advanced placement or other college-level work you may have already completed.

The three-year option also provides families with a significant cost savings in financing a student’s college education. Students finishing their degree in three years versus four would save the equivalent of a full year’s tuition (and room and board) while the student has the ability to begin graduate school or enter the job market one year earlier.

Participating majors:

Requirements and Eligibility

Candidates for the three-year program should have a minimum high school GPA of 3.50 and combined Math and Critical reading SAT scores of 1100.

  • Students take fifteen credits in their first semester
  • Eighteen credits in subsequent semesters
  • Attend two summer sessions after the first and second years (unless transferring AP/IB credits or other college credits eliminating one or both summer sessions).

    Cost and Affordability

College is a valuable investment in your future, but still needs to be affordable and available to everyone. Financial aid, scholarships, and grants are available for those who qualify helping to lessen the cost, but the three-year degree program introduces tuition and fee savings of over $30,000 to a resident student making it very attractive for eligible students.