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Academic Exploration Program

Deciding to enroll in college is only half the battle.

African American male student laughs in front of a greystone building. He has a backpack on one shoulder.

So many doors of opportunities are opened during this adventure of college life. After all, you chose a higher education to better prepare your future self.  Building your future self comes with many decisions like: 

  • What is a major?
  • How do I choose a major?
  • What major best fits my goals?
  • How do I balance my major requirements with other priorities?
  • How will I be able to leverage this major with my future career goals?
  • Which courses should I take to enhance my preparedness in the workplace?
  • Which courses will provide me with cultural opportunities and well-rounded thinking?

Rosemont College’s Academic Exploration Program (AEP) addresses the needs of first year and undecided students by providing answers to those concerns.  This provides an opportunity to explore the variety of majors offered, and strategies and tools needed for a viable and fruitful academic experience.

This program offers you opportunities to network with faculty, upper level students, administrators, and alumni to assist you with exploring your interests, strengths, and passions.

This program will be located in Kaul Hall, in the First Year Resource Center.  This allows the program to extend a connection to the student outside of the classroom.  It is available to both resident and commuter students.