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Faith and Mission

Prayer for the Centennial of Rosemont College

Good and gracious God of all names,

We remember in this year of Jubilee the abundant gifts you have given to the Rosemont College Community since 1921.

We offer gratitude and praise in this Centennial year for these blessings:

  • This College Community of Learners from the first seven brave students to the thousands of Alumni 100 years later
  • From the founding Society of the Holy Child to the hundreds of lay educators, administrators, staff and trustees today
  • The Mission of the College and the POWER of small which has enabled it to “meet the needs of the age”, raise consciousness and imagine the future
  • From the legacy of service by those on whose shoulders we stand to carry the work forward.

We pray:

May our year-long celebration reflect our gratitude in actions and words. May our commitment to enliven the mission of the College inspire us to serve those most in need. May this year of Cornelia’s “abundant Jubilee of heart” impel our Rosemont College Community to create of our Centennial, as promised in Leviticus, “a holy thing.”  Amen. Alleluia.