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Centennial Celebration (1921-2021)

Centennial Worth Celebrating

One-hundred years is a milestone worth celebrating. In 1921, Rosemont College of the Holy Child Jesus was established to meet the “wants of the age” by preparing young women to take their place in the wider fields of activity now open to them, while preserving Catholic ideals.

Incorporated in 1921, the College received its charter in 1922. It was and remains the only Holy Child institution of higher education, part of a worldwide network of institutions following the unique educational philosophy of Cornelia Connelly, centered around trust and reverence for the dignity of every human being.

As society evolved, the College, still dedicated to “meeting the wants of the age,” grew. Following World War II, students were more deliberately prepared for the opportunities and circumstances they were likely to encounter.

In the 60s, Rosemont focused on the development of the Christian person, accomplishing this through a liberal arts program that includes theology and philosophy. A deliberate emphasis on diversity also began during this time.

The 80s and 90s were all about growth and change. As Rosemont expanded, the College introduced continuing education and graduate programs for working adult women and men.  Graduate degrees were first conferred in 1990. The Undergraduate College became coed in 2009. Online programs were added in 2010, another ongoing example of “meeting the wants of the age.”

Rosemont College’s influence over the past century has been amplified by the societal contributions of its more than 9,000 alumni who have “met the wants of the age” in turn as successful writers, business people, journalists, scientists, physicians, educators, philanthropists, and more.

Our Centennial is about celebrating their accomplishments as much as our own. And beyond celebrating the past, this year marks a kickoff for the next 100 years of a renewed focus to “meet the wants of the age,” no matter what those may be.

Our mission: Rosemont College is a community of learners dedicated to excellence and joy in the pursuit of knowledge. Rosemont College seeks to develop in all members of the community open and critical minds, as well as to make reasoned moral decisions.